7 Tested and Proven Marketing Online Strategies By Sopit Todhunter

Learn leads generation and Master it,

both free and paid method

Free way in Facebook just connect

saying hello and congratulate your friends’¬†success.

Paid Leads generation ie Facebook advertising

is fast but you need coaching

then the next thing.


Blog post that you have a home online

to sale products and services even

when you sleep or on holiday.

How to use compelling headline,

steps to write article.

Without compelling copy writing

the audiences will not act after reading your article.

Your written article must stir emotions

so there will be movement and action.

If you can dig down to core belief and pain

of no money to go on holiday, send the kids

to school and college. When the audiences feel

their pain that is too much and need to do something

about it. That is when they want your products

and service to reduce the pain

and help them to solve their problem.

At Bronze teaching level, I will help you to discover your passion.

If you are good with video, Youtube channel might be

the long term solution of your lack of income.

But if you are not good with engagement, teaching on

Video you might consider blog and email.

However, you must good at written good copy writing

that can make people laughs, cry, pump up, scare and sad.

I teach you all those skill in Bronze, Silver,

Gold, Diamond and VIP on smartthai.co.uk

Paid advertising: Solo ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads

are complicated subject and are taught in Gold level and beyond.

Get coaching from day 1

shortening your journey to reach goal fast.

If you click with me,

I like to help you but if not, it is OK too.

please looking for your coach quickly.

Our learning style are different,

I must see so I will understand. Listen alone I will get lost.

If the teacher use the word that is not imagery or I need

to see picture in my brain to understand.

Are you audio person or visual person?

Some people need to touch or solving riddle

or assemble something

or calculate something to be able to learn.

Your sponsor never teach you

how to excel beyond them in MLM.

Because they love you to sell products

and they get commission.

Never blame them for your failure.

Except it the way it is.

You cannot expect somebody to build business for you.

You must do it yourself.

You must find your own way to excel and

be the best you can be: the best version of yourself.

We have different tool, like different things.

So the result will be different.

Mind set: Be Consistent, persistent, never give up.

Believe in yourself, then set your specific goal in writing.

Then the door how to get there will open to you.

See your goal daily.

Go get it tiger!

Focus results by add value

By doing video you have add value

and teach some skill for others

and knowledge creating great value brand.

When that value is so much people will beg

you to take their money and buy your courses.